Avoiding Common Health Risks



Since our natural health can not be replaced, I think it is wise to take a look at common, everyday things we do that can compromise our health. Most of unconscious on our part ….

I suppose I want to raise our awareness of our environment, work place, home activities, and play time. There no reason not to enjoy a healthy, fun filled life. But a few minor changes may be in order … and again, most of this is raising our awareness of our surrounding.

A few years ago, I attended a female self defense course for mature women. Some of it was down right funny … using your purse as a weapon … spitting in their eye …. but there's one thing they said that I will never forget: "Pay attention to your surroundings … stay alert …. "

Well, since fine health is my bag, I started thinking about how unaware most of us are on a daily basis, especially when it comes to guarding our health …. we touch everything, then our mouth, you know we are all sort of sleep out there ….

But I promise you … this is no time in history to be "unaware" about anything ….

So I want to put a few ideas before you … to start you thinking …..


  1. Avoid breathing ANY aerosol sprays. These micro liquid drops lodge deeply in the lungs and immediately drag down the immune system. Hold your breath outside and spray your hair.
  2. Pay attention to anything that comes in contact with your skin. Your skin absorbs well and carries it right to your liver and blood stream; even your brain gets a dose of whatever you have touched.
  3. Always take one Milk Thistle capsule and one Alpha Lipoic capsule 20 minutes before applying hair dye to your hair. These potent antioxidants will shield your liver cells from the assault. Hair dye is a very toxic substance.
  4. Change the filters in AC often for clean house air. Dust often to avoid concentrations of bacteria in your home. Bacteria like to travel on dust particles. A clean house is a healthy house.
  5. Clean your clothes dryer filter with each load. That filter captures a lot of nasty dander and dust mite residues. Heat up your pillow in the clothes dryer to kill dust mites at least once per month. Dust mites leave droppings that can cause chronic allergies and asthma.


  1. If possible, try to avoid working under fluorescent lights. Avoid looking directly at any halogen bulb. Move the halogen lamp away from your chest.
  2. Learn to regularly clean your keyboard, phone, pencils, etc. Especially if other people touch these surfaces.
  3. Try not to share your cell phone, mascara, lipstick, etc. Never eat, or drink after other people, except your spouse or children. (Hepatitis B is spread by saliva.)
  4. Spend as little time as possible in public restrooms; use paper on the door to exit and anywhere else others have touched. This is a very infectious environment, especially for AIDS and hepatitis. (AIDS can live on surfaces for up to 36 hours.)
  5. Always run your car ventilation unit on re-circulation to avoid as much indoor pollution in your car cab from outside air. When you get to work, spend as little time in the parking garage where car exhaust are specifically concentrated.
  6. If you are sick, stay home. You do not need to infect others and worse yet, pick up a worse infection due to your immune system being so weak.
  7. Try to sit by yourself and read quietly on trains to avoid close, crowded contact with sick people.

Sexuality and Personal Intimacy Habits

  1. Unless you are in a committed relationship, use a condom. 15 million people a year contract some form of a sexually transmitted disease. Worse yet, science is emerging that links STD to illnesses (cancer, heart disease, arthritis), 20 years down the road. When I say use a condom, I mean for everything. Even candida yeast infections are transmitted sexually.
  2. Avoid anal sex altogether. It is linked to prostate, bladder, and colon cancer, not to mention a heightened risk of getting AIDS. And we really do not know all of the implications of contracting blood parasites. Cancer research has been focusing on fungal and parasitic infections for quite some time. Men are especially at risk for disease from anal sex due to drawing in while ejaculating. Once these invaders are inside your blood stream … who knows? Prostate cancer down the road? Why is prostate cancer at such high numbers now? What was once taboo is now okay, or is it?


  1. Always pull the lead apron up close to your thyroid gland to protect it when getting dental x-rays. Radiation is cumulative. Never get any x-ray without it is absolutely necessary.
  2. Learn about your prescription medications and report side effects. Investigate natural alternatives before moving to chemical drugs, if possible.
  3. Avoid touching surfaces in doctor's offices, which can be a highly infectious place. Bring your own magazine. They do not keep the climate in the office so cold for nothing. This is designed to knock down the bloom of infectious agents in the air because they like it warm and moist.
  4. Always have someone with you when you go to a hospital. Mistakes are happening at an alarming rate and it's only going to get worse and the aging population swells higher. Speak to the nurse, or doctor serving you. Confirm what is going on if you can. If you can not, let your friend or relative watch over you.


Source by Mary Carlson

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