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When a mother dwarf hamster gets through her 18 to 20 day gestational period, she can provide you with a litter of 1 to 10 babies. It’s usually around 4 to 6, but there are occasions when the numbers are off. It’s exciting to breed Baby Dwarf Hamsters, but you need to do your research if you’re going to make it successful.

Over the first 10 days the babies will have to be with their mother. During this time you don’t want to move them around, touch them, or anything. Around the fourth day you will begin to notice that the pigment of their skin is changing. Once they reach about 7 days they will gain fur. After the 10th day arrives they will start opening their eyes and crawl around. When this happens you can begin handling them, but only for a short period. The momma isn’t going to like it at all, so be prepared. The reason baby dwarf hamsters need special care is because they can get hurt if they fall from a high enough area. When the babies reach two weeks they will begin to eat regular portions of oats, oatmeal, wheat germ, or small birdseed. You might even consider lab blocks when they hit 21 days, but it will take awhile for the babies to thrive on them. The best way to help them grow faster is by offering small grains, cucumbers, or even red apples. Once they reach this pinnacle the mother won’t bother nursing them much anymore.

Once you hit they hit the first month, the mother will no longer nurse them and they can move into their own cage. Keep in mind, it’s important to put all the males in one cage and the females in the another one. If you don’t you could end up with a bunch of baby dwarf hamsters running around. Oh, and the mother could be pregnant after her initial litter. Check to see if the male wants to stay with her. If so you have more babies on the way.

In the end you will find that how you care for baby dwarf hamsters is similar to any other one. Just remember to clean the cage once a week if there are no babies present. Depending on how many you’re dealing with you may want to clean it after only a few days. After all, the more you have the faster the cage will get dirty. Always keep the food and water fresh each day. Don’t be afraid to make sure they are all healthy as well. It’s possible that some of them will fight and end up getting injured. However, once they reach 4 weeks you can sell them and make money. Then again, you could just give them away, but that is entirely up to you.

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