Baby Dwarf Hamsters – So You Have Decided to Breed


It is with a mixture of excitement and anxiosity that first time pet owners look forward to a mother dwarf hamster giving birth to baby dwarf hamsters. The thought of bringing this little bundle of joy can be quite nerve-wracking … to think that they are such delicate and frail looking little fellows. It is highly recommended that newbie pet owners do some research about taking care of the babies before starting any breeding.

For the first ten days after birth, the pet owner should leave the mother dwarf hamster alone with her babies. DO NOT TOUCH THE BABIES DURING THIS IMPORTANT TIME! The mother usually gives birth to a litter of up to ten baby dwarf hamsters; however, on the average it is 5 or 6 babies per litter. A lot of development among the babies will occur during their first week after birth-pigment will appear after four days and fur will show after one week. After ten days, their eyes will begin to open as they are starting to crawl. At this stage, you can now handle them. However, you should be careful not to upset the mother, because some dwarf hamster mothers are quite protective of their young and may not appreciate you touching her babies.

Touching the baby dwarf hamsters can help in taming them. Just be careful of their frail bodies when handling. After two weeks baby dwarf hamsters are ready to eat small amounts of solid food such as oats, bird seeds, and wheat germ. Lab blocks should be given in small amounts once the babies have reached three weeks old. Sliced ​​apples and cucumbers are also a great alternative for nutrients; give the baby dwarf hamsters these only in small amount. Once they are able to reach the water bottle it is a sign that they ready to wean away from their mother.

After four weeks, baby dwarf hamsters can be separated from their mothers. You can now move them to a separate cage. If the father stays with the mother hamster while she is still nursing the litter, there is a big chance that she will get pregnant again. If this happens, separate the baby dwarf hamsters immediately, as long as they have already reached 18 to 20 days old. Separate and classify them by gender to prevent unnecessary inbre pregnancies.

Caring for your baby dwarf hamsters is the same as it is for adult hamsters. Regular cleaning of their cage at least once a week is important to prevent any sickness. Frequent cleaning may be required if you notice that their cage turns dirty faster than the usual. Fresh water and food should be given once daily, together with regular observation of each animal. There will always be an active baby dwarf hamster and the less agile one, check if all are getting enough food and nourishment and ensure that they are not injured if they are fighting.

After four weeks, they can be safely separated from their mother, and you can wean them, sell them or give them away as pets. Providing care to baby dwarf hamsters is an enjoyable and simple task. All you need is patience and love for the animal. Just follow the above guidelines and refrain from touching them too soon.


Source by Russ Fleederman

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