Ball Python Eating – Easy to Follow Steps



A ball python eating mice or rats is a sign that it is well trained by its breeder or pet owner. Most ball pythons are said to be finicky eaters, but not all because there are ball pythons that love to eat mice or rats. It is believed that ball pythons love to eat gerbils, hamsters and shrews while they are in the wild. That is why most breeders recommend that if you are a beginner in taking care of a ball python, you must buy a captive breed ball python baby so you will not have problems in its eating habits. These snakes are said to be well trained in eating mice and are also proven to be healthy because they are clean and parasite free.

A ball python eats what it only wants to eat and must be trained in eating mice or rats because if you don’t train them to eat mice or rats you will have problems someday with feeding them. Do some feeding strategies in training your pythons to eat mice or rats. You can try to dip the pre-killed prey in chicken broth to make it smell delicious. You can also expose the brain of the snake to make them attractive to the eyes of the snake. You can also try putting scents of gerbils on the pre-killed prey to make your snake interested in it because they love gerbils.

When a python’s eating habits change, it means that there is something bothering them. Stress is one of the factors that make a python refuse to eat. It is also believed that a ball python that is not eating must be undergoing shedding. A ball python undergoing shedding really refuses to eat which is common to them as long as it doesn’t affect their weight and health. Examine carefully also if there are signs of mouth rot, respiratory diseases, IBD and other diseases that makes ball python to refuse food. Check also its cage if it has the required amount of temperature it needs to be comfortable because this may also be the cause of refusal of ball python to eat.

Now you know that a ball python eating its food is a sign that your snake is really healthy, happy and comfortable in life. It’s good to hear that because you will have a pet for years and remember that do not disregard any unfamiliar signs because it may cause illnesses someday and may cause problems as well.


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