Bath Lifts – Medicare Reimbursement for Bathtub Lifts



If you are interested in learning what Medicare thinks about bath lifts, read the following article before you make your decision to purchase a bath lift for your home. One of the top five most popular questions that patients and doctors ask; WILL MEDICARE REIMBURSE FOR BATH LIFTS? If you are like most Medicare insured patients, you may have asked yourself what bathroom aids will or will not be reimbursed since it seems to change quite often.

Most bathroom equipment is not covered under this type of insurance except the standard Commode! Medicare considers a bath lift as a non-covered item and will decline your claim in most cases. As silly as it sounds, they feel bath lifts are a “luxury item” and are not deemed a necessity. However, like all medical equipment, bath lifts can be reviewed on a case by case bases if requested. We have found that claims for items such as bath lifts, stair lifts, lift chairs and vertical platform lifts can be submitted and will initially be denied but can be resubmitted with additional documentation that will help in the appeal process. An item that is denied as non-covered is different than an item that is denied as not medically necessary.

If your claim for a certain Durable Medical Equipment item is denied, that could mean that the item does not meet the coverage criteria in a medical policy or that there is not enough information to prove why you need the item. You can always appeal a medical necessity denial. You cannot appeal a non-covered item. Non-covered items could include hearing aids, syringes, exercise equipment, wigs, etc.

If your next question is, “What is a Bath Lift?” then let me explain. A Bath Lift is a battery powered reclining type of lift chair that has been designed to assist you to bathe safely and comfortably. The therapeutic value of bathing is recognized by most of us; to simply relax in the bath gently easing away your stresses, aches and pains is one of life’s pleasures. However, you may find access to your bath difficult for any number of reasons and bath lifts can help.


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