Best Foods and Treats for Your Hamster


Who would not like to buy a hamster for pet? A hamster is considered as one of the favorite pets of both children and adult. Hamsters are huggable, cute, unthreatening and vivid. They are also well known for their unique characteristics including their habit on chewing a lot. Hamsters nibble nearly everything that they can get from plants to small insects. They are nocturnal so they are sleep during the day and are very much active at night. But then, troubles arise if you let your pet hamster to consume just anything they can take hold of so make sure to monitor what they are consuming and give them the right kinds of food.

Like any other pets, a hamster should be given the nutritious food for them to remain healthy, alive and keep them away from illness. Veggies are among the healthy foods that you should give to your hamsters. Give them different kinds of vegetables and not just one kind because they might suffer from diarrhea if they are feed only one kind of vegetable in a particular day. Cabbage, carrots and lettuce are among the vegetables that hamster love to eat.

Apart from giving veggies, you should also give your pet foods that are rich in protein. Some pet stores sell pre-mixed foods that are high in protein. Just make sure to get the best and trusted brand of pet food. You can also provide your hamster fruits once in awhile. Buy some apples, bananas or cherries. But, remember not to give your pet too much fruits because some fruits contain too much sugar that is not healthy for your hamster's body.

Milk is another treat that hamsters love and which you should give to your pet. Milk contains protein and vitamins that are great in maintaining your hamster in good health .. Expectant mother hamsters particularly love milk so make sure to provide your hamster some milk to drink. Since hamsters are very alert and there are times when they might tip off their dish and spill the milk so you should buy a container for your hamster that will not tumble easily.

Another treat that you can give your pet is a hard-boiled egg. Hamsters love to eat eggs and it will definitely make them happy if you give them eggs to eat. But then, remember to dispose all unheated boils eggs in the hamster cage after 24 hrs because it might get contaminated by bacteria which can be harmful to your pet. Same with any other food for hamsters, eggs you must be given only occasionally.

Yeast is another high protein treat that pet hamster should be provided. Yeast help less stress for hamsters so it is highly recommended to give your pet one tablet of yeast per week.

Now, that you're aware of the foods and treasures that your hamsters should consume then it is time for you to be responsible to your pet, take good care of them and feed them right.


Source by Theodore P Watson

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