Best Penis Size – What’s the Best Penis Size to Have?



Figuring out the best penis size is very subjective. First and foremost it should be determined on an individual preference. If you are comfortable as is, then that should be considered the best for you.

Women’s preferences vary wildly. Some claim bigger is better, while others claim it doesn’t matter, and even others say bigger is actually worse!

So how can we determine the best penis size in a general sense? Well there’s a few things we can take into consideration to make such a determination of ideal size.


Bigger does seem to bring more confidence to males. Being larger has a sense that women will be pleased more and culture always promotes size as more impressive and manly.

Freaky Factor.

Now just because bigger brings more confidence, that doesn’t mean that major size is better. Matter of fact, when you are extremely large you have to factor in the “freak factor”. You begin to be seen as somewhat of a freak, rather than an impressively sized male. Women also tend to be distracted, and shocked at extreme size.

The best penis size.

So we know that some bigger size provides confidence, but too much brings on the freak factor. So then what is the best penis size? I would argue that the best size to have or try to obtain, is that which is “just above average”. This accomplishes two things. You remain impressive, while not coming off as a super sized freak. This “just above average” level is a realistic goal to accomplish as well.


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