Best Sex Positions for BBWs


BBWs are hotter than ever. They are more confident, sexy and beautiful than ever before. It is now that more and more men are noticing these lovely women.

There are some things that you can do to make your time with a BBWs special for you and for her. With just a few changes to the old familiars, you will learn enjoy the love of a BBW.

Missionary- You may think that you would not be able to enjoy this position with a BBW, but you would be wrong. The secret is to use a pillow. Actually you will need 3 pillows. One will be for her head. The other two will go under her rear. This will allow her stomach to move back at a natural angle. It will also allow you to enter her deeper

Oral Sex. Forget the position with either you or her on top. The best way to have oral sex with a BBW is with you both lying side by side. This should eliminate any problem with weight during your time together

Doggie Style. This is one of the favorite positions. This is another time you can use the pillow. This time place the pillow under her stomach. This will allow for more support and take the weight off her arms. When loving a BBW it may be necessary to use your hands not at her sides, but to place on the back of her thighs. This should allow you getter entry if you spread them apart.

Manual Stimulation. This may be the most satisfying. Use your hands. Make sure you find the clitoris, but don’t rub too hard. Just because she is large and in charge doesn’t mean that she is not also sensitive. This will probably allow her an orgasm quicker than any other way


Source by Shawn Hill

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