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We rely on distance vision to perform a variety of activities such as going to the movies, watching television and driving. Much in the same way that we keep our muscles in good shape through exercise, a similar principle applies to the eyes which also possess muscles. These muscles control the focusing power of your vision and can be kept in shape through the regular and consistent practice of eye exercise techniques. The diligent practice of these techniques strengthen the eye muscles; a process that leads to sharper vision without glasses. If you are concerned about improving your distance vision, there are a branch of techniques that are designed for accomplishing this purpose. Therefore, here are some eye exercises to improve your distance vision:

This first technique is called the yoga distance vision technique. In order to perform it hold a card in your hand with letters on it. Ensure that the card is at least 15 inches from your eyes but still clear enough so that you can read the letters clearly. You can perform this technique for better vision at home. Pick out an object in the distance such as a door, a window or a picture on the wall. Focus your eyes on a letter on the card and start shifting your focus from the card to that distant object you have selected about 20 feet away. Keep alternating your focus back and forth from a letter on that card to the distant object 20 feet away for 5 minutes. Practice this technique 3 times a week.

As you go about shifting your focus from a letter on the card to a distant object, increase the distance of the distant object you are focusing on from 20 feet – 30 feet. Another interesting variation of this particular eye exercise technique is to perform this exercise first with both eyes and then with one eye at a time using an eye patch.

For some people improving eyesight naturally with eye exercises may seem unrealistic and farfetched. However, many people actually have improved their vision through the regular practice of these eye exercise techniques. This applies even to people who have been wearing glasses for a long period of time. Even if you have a strong prescription number, chances are you can get back some, if not all of your vision.

If you are concerned about improving your distance vision the yoga distance vision eye exercise is a helpful technique to help you to accomplish that goal. By practicing techniques like the yoga distance vision eye exercise, even if your vision is bad, this eye exercise can help you get back some, if not all of your vision. Ultimately, with the practice of a series of eye exercises, you can achieve better vision without glasses.


Source by Joel Travers King

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