Beware – These Foods May Harm Your Hamster



Owning a pet hamster is a big responsibility and it is important to keep them as fit and healthy as possible. A large part of this is ensuring they get the right food coupled with fresh water and a safe cage with comfy bedding in which to live.

But what foods are the right foods for your pet hamster, and which must you absolutely avoid?

Firstly, do not be surprised if your hamster has their own preferences and dislikes when it comes to food. The basic diet should consist of ready mixed hamster food, either in pellet form or as a loose mix that will contain seeds and dried vegetables. Ideally try and use a mix of these tow as the staple diet for your hamster and supplement it with smaller amounts of a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Introduce new foods slowly, ideally one at a time, a little piece at a time. Allow a day or two before you try the food again so that they can get used to it and you can spot and adverse reactions.

Your hamster will like seeds, particularly sunflower seeds, peanuts, fruit and vegetables (apple and carrot are popular with most hamsters), but if something is returned either try it a few days later or try an alternative. Rinse the pieces of fruit and vegetables well before you give them to your hamster and replace any part ateen food so that it does not rot in the cage.

Foods you must absolutely avoid include chocolate and other sweets or candies, raw potatoes and citrus fruit. Apple seeds, which can contain arsenal, should be avoided as though not harmful to us larger humans, to a small hamster they could be very dangerous if consumed over time.

In addition, dwarf hamsters can be sentenced to diabetes, so do not give them sugary treats including fruit.

Onions and foods from the onion family such as garlic and leeks should also be avoided as must almonds and rhubarb leaves and raw rhubarb.

Hopefully this article has provided an overview of what to feed your hamster and what foods can be bad for them.


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