Break the Stress Mold in 7 Steps



If you're anything like a lot of people I know you are always on the go. You spend far too much time driving to meetings you do not really want to attend; there's always shopping needing to be done, rushing around running after the children. You probably find that heavy family and career
demands leave you stressed out.

There are lots of ways to help you break the stress mold. Here are my top 7 steps to help you …

1. Shout your head off – scream if you like! Probably safer if you are alone, otherwise you'll get some strange looks. The best place I know is if you are in the middle of a field so you get fresh air in to your lungs to replace the stale air you expel.

2. Sing out loud. This is quite like the first idea. I swear by the power of music of all texts to release tension and stress. I prefer operative arias myself but you can sing whenever and whatever you like though some people will get uncomfortable if they are around you. Try singing when you are driving, turn the radio loud and join in – it really works to break the stress mold.

3. Start gardening, doing a little every day. Even people who live in flats with no garden can do this with pots and containers. You could have pots on the patio, or in the conservatory, or use an old sink or wheelbarrow. It does not take much work to set it up and watching the plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and watching grow and bloom, or provide food is very satisfying.

Keen gardeners say that working in a garden is one of the best ways to exercise your body and control stress and worry. Of course you also have the creation of a lasting, restful personal space.

4. Try a calming activity such as painting, weaving, or creating greeting cards. It does not matter whether you are any good at it. It's the process itself that is beneficial. Sitting still while being very creative and thinking of the recipient of your efforts can be calming and stabilizing for many people. It can be a time to quieten your thoughts and concerns.

5. Stroke a dog or cat. Health experts say that people who own or play with pets tend to live longer and display fewer stress symptoms than non-pet owners. Playing with your cat or dog or even hamster creates harmony between you and another living thing with no pressure or expectations.

6. Gaze at the night sky. Especially if you can get away from the city lights in a still, dark, and
quiet area just sit back and observe the stars in the heavens.

When you contemplate the vastness of the solar system in which we are such a tiny part, it can make a lot of problems suddenly seem very small indeed.

7. Learn to accept yourself for who you are. Listen to what rules you make up for other people: "he should …" or "she bought to …" and accept that they have a right to live their own lives in their own way. You would not want them telling you how to live would you?

Break the Stress Mold in 7 Steps is written by Peter Fisher who has over 25 years as Coach, Counselor and Consultant. Find out more about how to reach your goal and be all you can be without stress.


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