Breast Massage Orgasms – Guide to Breast Foreplay to Drive Her Wild



Guys, listen up as I am about to spill the beans on the importance of breast foreplay in sex that can lead to a breast orgasm.

The age old knowledge of tantra tells us that the positive pole of a woman is her breasts and the negative pole is her vulva. In a man the opposite occurs. The positive pole is the penis and the negative is the heart area.

The Basis Of Sexual Attraction

Sex is like magnets, the positive attracts the negative. When a man and a woman come together with a lot of sexual attraction, the energy flows strongly and effortlessly.

Men love to stimulate their positive pole, their penis, usually early in sex while a woman needs to first open her heart and emotions from her breast area.

What Most Men Do Wrong In Foreplay

Most men tend to rush much too fast to stimulate the womans negative pole first without opening the positive pole. When they do this, it is likely the woman can turn off wanting sex that night.

So now we can see the importance of breast stimulation.

Breast Massage Tips

Spending lots of time touching, blowing on, kissing and licking the breasts allows a woman to open. How about using some fur to touch the breasts. The energy then moves down to their genital area. How about spending 20 minutes enjoying the softness and femininity of the breasts the next time you make love. Really enjoy touching this area and she will love you much more.

It is good to communicate to her on how she likes her breasts touched with some simple yes no questions while you perform breast stimulation. Every woman is different in how she likes to be touched.

Breast Orgasms

Some organically sensitive women can can have breast orgasms from breast foreplay with the correct stimulation. This can occur if the breast massage goes on for 20 minutes or longer. Take your time and see what happens!


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