Building a Hamster Activity Home


You know your hamster loves to explore and that adding a new toy to his cage will provide hours of activity for him. There is no reason why it should not also provide an interesting diversion for you as well, creating something fun for your pet.

Because a hamster is not a demanding pet, the toys they play with need not cost a lot of money either and as most things that go into their cage will end up chewed to pieces this is probably a good thing!

If you have some money to spare, and your hamster is in a cage that has an expandable network of tubes and levels, adding a new section every now and then or changing the order in which the sections are assembled is a good way to add variety for your hamster. As these pieces need to be cleaned out quite regularly, rearranging them should not be too time consuming for you.

Even if your hamster lives in a more traditional wire cage, there is no reason why he should miss out on the fun of scrambling through tubes and exploring different environments. Again, cleaning time is a good time to give your hamster a run around as you need to move him out of his cage.

The key to creating a great activity home is to collect cardboard boxes and tubes of different sizes. Many shops are only too keen to get rid of cardboard boxes and the great thing is that should they get too chewed by your hamster, or soiled as he runs and plays in them, you can throw them out and add new ones. Tubes may be harder to come by however carpet stores often have thick cardboard tubes that are surplus once the carpet has been sold. These are made from much thicker card than toilet rolls so are not ideal as chew toys, but are usually wide enough for your hamster to scramble through.

By cutting these tubes into long chunks and joining several sections together (cut a whole, the diameter of the tube in the side of one section and push another section into it), it is possible to create an interesting course through which your hamster can run and explore. Add windows by cutting slits into the tubes at various intervals and you will be able to watch as your hamster runs around his new play zone.

Finally, remember to recycle any cardboard boxes that are too badly chewed to be used again!


Source by S Murray

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