California Temporary Health Insurance



It has become extremely essential to have a health insurance policy to sustain the rising costs of medical treatments. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for individuals to arrange a large amount of cash urgently in case of emergency operations. Health insurance policies offer financial relief to the individuals in the event of any physical disorder or ailment. The financial aid will depend on the type of coverage offered, as the insurance policies range from minimal coverage policies to all-inclusive policies. Declining health standards and the need for a quality health insurance has led to a large number of insurance companies offering health insurance policies at competitive rates in California. There are several types of health insurance plans designed to suit individual needs. The main types of insurance include, fee for service insurance, managed care plans, and indemnity plan. A temporary health insurance is a short term insurance plan that is required for specific purposes.

Typically, the employers in a company provide the employees with a health insurance plan. However, temporary health insurance is required when an individual has to change a job, as the earlier policy may be discontinued after a few months. Many business owners who are planning to expand their business later opt for temporary health insurance. After expanding the business, they usually take up a group insurance policy. The temporary insurance offers temporary protection to individuals during these periods. A temporary health insurance can also include the families of individuals participating in the plan. Typically, temporary insurance policies are offered for one to six months. Although, these policies are usually not renewed, individuals are allowed to opt for a similar policy again after the expiration of the previous policy.

Most insurance providers require only 24 hours to activate a temporary health insurance policy after receiving the application. An individual can also postpone the date of activation of the policy up to 30 days from the date of application. Some insurance providers charge a processing fee for this form of insurance. It is easier to get a temporary health insurance policy.

The temporary health insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions, dental and vision care, medical check-ups, preventive care, and immunizations.


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