Can Birth Defects Be Prevented?


Yes, birth defects are preventable to a reasonable degree. Prevention is proportionate to the knowledge available about the causes and responsibility of the parenting couple. While it is extremely important to have a disciplined life it is essential to refrain from dangerous habits and recklessness in life style. First and the foremost precaution in prevention of defects is to consult a doctor and follow his advice with persistence.

Vaccination against certain infections, avoid unsafe environment and teratogens, give up smoking and consumption of alcohol can certainly go a long way in preventing birth defects. These are some of the prevention measures at the primary level that could prevent birth defects. Diagnosis in the prenatal stage could reveal deficiencies and corrective measures if taken properly and in time could prevent birth defects.

Intake of vitamin with ample folic acid before conception and in early pregnancy can often help prevent many serious defects. If an expectant mother is found to be diabetic, then glycaemic control could help reduce birth defects. Those expectant mothers with genetic disorder PKU could prevent the occurrence of mental disorder in the child should they check their Phenylalanine ingestion during pregnancy or before if possible.

While regular health check-up, orientation and disclosure of knowledge should be carried out out extensively and certain useful tips apart from prescribed preventions could also prove helpful in preventing birth defects. They are: make sure you are consuming right quantity of iron rich diet, folic acid and such nutrients that the unborn child need. While eating meat, make sure it is properly cooked. Viruses and bacteria cause infections, prevent their spread. Maintain certain hygiene like washing hand particularly particularly after handling raw meat or pest litter. Try and keep away from rodents and pets like guinea pigs and hamsters. Avoid hot tubs, steam rooms, exposure to X rays and such things that can cause harm. Try resting and resting on your left side. Last but not the least; never forget to keep doctor informed of all physical conditions experienced particularly if abnormally.


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