Can Your Pets’ Health Really Benefit From Holistic Pet Products?


Holistic pet products are the same as all natural pet products. But, it is really one step further. It is not just claims of one hundred percent all natural, holistic means the whole body everything to keep the body healthy and in balance. For pet products to claim to be holistic, they must address the animal’s situation separately and not together as a whole. Cats are not the same as a dog and neither is a rabbit, hamster, gerbil, or anything else. So, when people think oh a dog can eat anything, so can the cat then. A cat’s stomach is more sensitive than a dog’s stomach. So, a holistic pet food product has to be only designed for every single need a cat needs. Some of the things are:

  • Liver
  • Eggs
  • Protein

The reason why liver is so important is it helps convert beta-carotene from vegetables and turn it into Vitamin A. Without it, the cat could actually never receive this important vitamin. Eggs are extremely easy to eat on a sensitive tummy. Plus, the kitty receives protein and much needed vitamins at the same time. Protein helps the cat’s skin, fur, and by keeping it healthy by protecting its cell’s structure.

For a dog and holistic pet food they should have: Protein Eggs Omega-3 Fatty Acids Brown rice Brown rice gives the dog that super energy we are all used to. Eggs help any dog with their tummies if they become sensitive and again packed with protein. The fatty acids from Omega 3 will give a dog the most beautiful and shiny coat, not mangy and matted. Protein of course helps the dog grow and to keep it healthy. Holistic pet products now have Probiotics and power antioxidants. This is not always the case in all natural pet products. This is the reason why liver will come into play for a cat. Antioxidants can have vegetables like spinach, carrots, apples, celery, and garlic for example. Beet pulp can be used with the Probiotics to help keep the digestive track healthy for the cat and dog.

When it comes to treats or snacks for a person’s pet, they should seriously start switching from all the junk filled ones. These may taste great, but are filled with preservatives, fillers, dyes, and so many more things. Some may claim all natural on the product label, but the labels should always be read. Holistic pet treats are again designed for the whole body but still taste great. Instead of the dog wolfing it straight down in one gulp without chewing it, as in most cases, the dog is totally satisfied. The dog or cat does not even know it was healthy for them! They are designed for tartar or plaque build up on a dog’s teeth, having a shiny coat, skin, and nails for both a cat and dog, and so many more things.

If a person thinks its finally time to get their pet on a healthy track so they can be around for many more years to come, check out Life’s Abundance and see how this company is revolutionizing holistic pet products.


Source by Josh Wallach

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