Cat Hair Loss


I was totally flabbergasted the first time I began to notice that my cat was losing her hair. I spent half the night searching the Internet trying to figure out what could possibly be affecting my kitty. I was shocked to find how many different fears your cat could suffer hair loss.

In the majority of the cases the cat hair loss is because of allergic reaction to a certain type of food, or a lack of nutrition. So the first thing that you will want to do is to change your cats diet and watch your cat closely for a few days to see if you notice any more hair loss.

If you do notice your cat is still suffering from cat hair loss this could mean that it is a serious condition. It could possibly be some sort of disease. DO NOT PANIC !!! Most of these diseases can be easily treated.

Through my research I have found that it is a very common disorder that afflicts cats. One of the main symptoms we have already been talking about … Cat Hair Loss! Other symptoms include weight loss, lack of grooming, overeating and excessive thirst. This is known as Hyperthyroidism can be treated effectively with medication.

Another popular disease that causes cat hair loss is known as "Cushing's Disease". The missing cat hair will usually be bi lateral, which means that the fur will be missing in the same place on both sides of the body of the cat. You may also notice some hair loss on the lower abdomen, however Cushing's can occur anywhere on the body. Other symptoms include lethargy and increased appetite as well as thirst.

If you are interested is discovering more information regarding the subject "cat hair loss" you may want to consider searching online before forking out your hard earned cash. In 90% of the cases (according to my research) your cat losing his or her hair is not that big of a deal.

Below is a site that I highly recommend that you begin your search for information. I must however warn you that the navigation on this site is not the best that I have ever seen – BUT if you bookmark the site and exuberate a little patience the rewards will be great.


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