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You have all heard that the eyes are regarded as a window to the soul. This is especially true when you think of a cat. Our feline friends have amazing eyes and nothing compares to gazing into them. It's hard not to feel something; even the non cat lovers admit that they feel swallowed by the depth of them. But knowing what to look for can help keep them in good health.

When a cat is about to play or jump, his or her eyes should be clear, alert and wide open. If the light in the surrounding area is bright, the cat's pupils will narrow. The pupils in the eyes of a cat should be the same size as each others. Just like in we human's. If a change in size in one of the pupils is noticed, then this may be an indicator to one of a number of afflictions which could have been fairly harmless to more serious.

Some of the more common symptoms may include an eye infection, a disorder called Horns Syndrome, papillary spasms also known as FeLV, Tumors and central nervous system injury.

Cat's eyes are naturally protected from dryness and damage by an inner eyelid, also known as the third eyelid. The correct term is a nictating membrane and this may partially close when a cat is ill. If you see this, take it as a strong sign to get your cat to the local vet quickly, especially if other symptoms are present. Strangely enough, you will also see the third eyelid in a happy cat.

And just like humans, a cat's mood can alter the appearance of its eyes. If it is angry, the pupils will become narrower. If the cat is excited or fried, then they become wide open with much larger pupils. A cat in a mellow mood may show it when they just become a little bit darker.

Other problems a cat may need protecting from include cataracts, glaucoma and conjunctivitis. In certain cases, the conjunctivitis could be contagious to humans.

The eyes of a cat are very important to their quality of life. At the first sight of any trouble it is important that they are taken to a vet. When spotted early enough, many of the conditions can be easily furnished but left a little too late can spell trouble.


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