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There are several maladies that are mostly associated with women but are not objective to them and men may suffer from them too. The ailments and the regular troubles that are faced by males are generally termed as the men’s issues. These range from minor problem such as eating disorders to major ones such as that of infertility and cancers to name a few.

Many times the members of this gender fail to recognize the initial symptoms of a particular issue and do not realize until the problem has progressed to an advanced stage. Often this hindrance is owed to the shying away of guys from the average feminine ailments which results in further complications in treatment, whereas quite a few are subjected to the nuisance of finding appropriate information and treatment regarding the respective ailment. The frequently prevalent ailments have been explained below briefly.

Amongst the chief masculine issues is the issue of osteoporosis. Although the members of the fairer sex are five times more likely to be effected by it, men are not entirely safe either. The reason that it is found lesser in men is related to a superior bone mass and hence this ailment in men initializes and progresses at a slow rate. But after menopause they experience a slow down in the levels of testosterone’s that contributes to this condition.

Next ailment that successfully makes it to the list is breast cancer. Since it is considered as an ailment that might befall a woman it is normally ignored in men. Further men do not make regular self check ups nor go for mammograms, and hence don’t suspect it until it has progressed to a later stage.

Off the minor issues the eating syndromes also affect the men. Amongst them the anorexia and the bulimia syndromes are the most frequently occurring.


Source by Sarfaraz Ali

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