Chicken Coop Plans – Easy Chicken Coop Designs to Keep Your Bantams Safe and Healthy


Have you thought of getting chickens as pets? It was a strange idea to me also when my husband suggested it. Usually, people will get a dog, fish, cat, hamster etc as a pet. But seriously, pet chickens? After a short laugh, I decided to do some research on raising chicken at home. Obviously, there are quite a number of people staying in urban areas that raise chicken at their home. Bantams tend to cost less to maintain and they actually produce fresh eggs that we can consume. I decided then to raise our own chickens at home.

We have a small backyard at home that will provide us with some space for the chickens to run around. After doing some reading, I realize that chicks raised in a backyard are constantly exposed to predator such as cats, dogs, large rats, raccoons etc. We need to build a house for the little fowl.

My husband wanted to get started straight away with the construction. Somehow I knew this would not be a good idea. What we need is a chicken coop plan. I wanted a chicken coop that looks nice from the outside and yet functional also. Hammering a few pieces of wood planks together would not do.

Initially I downloaded some free chicken coop designs from the internet. Unfortunately, the blueprint was not clear and a bit confusing. I passed it to my husband and he also had a tough time figuring it out. Finally, we did stumble upon some really good chicken coop plans.

Raising chickens are homes that make a lot of economic sense. They are low maintenance and produce fresh organic eggs for the family. One way to keep your chicken safe, happy and healthy is to build a coop for them to live in.


Source by Kathy O'Connor

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