Chicken Run Designs – Keeping Your Chicken Safe and Healthy With a DIY Chicken Coop



Many people do not know about the benefits of raising chicken at home. Usually people will get a cat, dog, hamster, parrot etc as pet but seldom choosing a bantam. One of the main benefits of raising chicken is the fresh eggs the hens produce every week. A healthy hen on average can lay from 5 to 6 eggs every week. If you have half a dozen hens in the backyard, the amount of eggs they produce will be enough for your home consumption.

Due to their small size, chickens are preyed on by cats, dogs, large rats, raccoons etc. One way of keeping your poultry safe and healthy is by building a house for them to live in. If you are planning to make a shelter for your poultry, first you will need a set of chicken run plans.

There are many ways you can get your hands on chicken coop plans. You can download free blueprints from the internet. But you have to be cautious. There is a drawback on free stuff from the web. The quality is usually not very good and the plans may be confusing.

If you are serious about building a chicken run, it is recommended for you to purchase the plans from a reputable bundle. Do some research online and get user reviews. Usually, good chicken run plans will have good recommendation. The vendor will also have technical support staffs to help you in your DIY project.

Just like any other animal, hens will produce more if they are happy and healthy. If they are under stress, they may not even want to lay eggs. Your decision to build a chicken coop for your fowls will be the right one.


Source by Kathy O'Connor

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