Chinese Dwarf Hamsters – How to Properly Care For Them


If you are considering getting your child a hamster for their birthday as a pet there are many to choose from. However, there is one breed of hamsters which are not suitable for young children to own and that are the Chinese Dwarf Hamster. The reason for not choosing such a hamster for a child is that they have a very aggressive attitude and certainly do not enjoy being petted. However, for older and children and adults these animals make wonderful pets and can provide you with hours of enjoyment watching them in their cage.

For those who do choose to own Chinese Dwarf hamsters it is important that the right sort of habitat in which they can live is created. Also because these are animal animals you will find it better to keep more than one in a cage.

However, if you do intend to keep two Dwarf hamsters then make sure that you have two Chinese one's together as they do not actually get on with other hamster breeds well. Also it is far better if you have two females in the cage and which you introduce to each whilst still young and preferably not long after they have been weaned from their mother.

The cage in which you are going to be keeping these hamsters should provide them with plenty of space to move around and spread over several levels. Plus make sure that within the cage there are plenty of places that they are able to hide. So it is worth putting in a couple of boxes where they can go.

The best types of cages in which you should be keeping yours are the tubular variety. However, make sure that the one you purchase is specifically for Dwarf hamsters rather than the normal hamster. The reason is that they will find it difficult to move around and climb on to things because they will be much larger and higher up.

Along with choosing the right sort of cage to keep your Chinese dwarf hamster in you need to make sure that you feed them correctly. Just like any animal if given food that is inappropriate it can lead to health problems for them. For this particular breed of hamster it is recommended that you give them Lab blocks which provide them with the nutrition that they need and is mixed with fruits and vegetables. Also it would not harm you to provide them with some leafy green vegetables every other day.


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