Chinese Dwarf Hamsters Rock!



Why are Chinese dwarf hamsters called as such? The answer is quite simple – it’s because these dwarf hamsters originated from Northern China. They can also be found in some areas of Mongolia, especially near the borders to China. If you prefer a pet that is always climbing, running, and totally rocking, this is the ideal pet for you.

Hamsters are, by nature, very active creatures. They love to chew, burrow, play, run, climb, and do other things. Because of this, providing a spacious home for them to satisfy their active nature is suggested.

The Chinese dwarf hamster may be as active as other types of hamsters, but you will notice that the physical appearance is not hamster like. If you don’t want a mouse for a pet, you can get the Chinese dwarf hamsters instead. Well, at least, your friends wouldn’t call it ‘mouse’ even if it has a tail! Yes, the it has a tail and looks more like a mouse than a hamster. Because of the longer body and tail, the Chinese dwarf hamsters are often mistaken for mice. The color tells it all because it definitely resembles hamsters. Most Chinese hamsters have gray and brown color with a white-colored underside and black strips on their spine.

Chinese hamsters, unlike other types of dwarf hamsters, are not ideal to house in pairs. If you want to have a pair of hamsters, you can get the same gender. Never put a female and a male in one cage unless the space is large enough for the two of them. Also, you need to provide some toys where they can climb and two nesting areas (one for each). The female is very aggressive and moody. By having a large cage or tank, the male can easily escape or hide from the female. Putting the same gender of Chinese hamsters in a small cage can kill the male.

As the owner of the hamster, ready all the supplies to ensure a happy and long life for your pets. Some of these supplies are a wire cage or aquarium tank, beddings, nesting area, water bottle, food dishes, exercise wheel and ball, hamster toys, and the food. These things are not that expensive and can be purchased from the pet supply store once you get your pet.

Don’t allow small kids to handle the Chinese dwarf hamsters on their own because they might escape and run away. It’s really hard to tame these hamsters and they can just dart off. If you don’t want to chase these fast creatures around your house, keep them inside their cages or tanks. Feeding time is best left for bigger children and adults.

Providing all your pet’s needs is a must if you want to ensure them a healthy and long life. Give them fresh water and food everyday. Clean their homes and change beddings every week. Be ready for these additional responsibilities, but rest assured that you can have an exciting and enjoyable life with these active pets.


Source by Marc Stonebright

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