Choosing the Correct Hamster Cage is Important



Picking the correct hamster cage for your new hammy can be a difficult task unless you are armed with a little basic information. The size and type of cage will be determined by the type of hamster you decide to buy.

Let’s start by reviewing the various types of hamsters and then match some suitable cage types to them. The primary consideration is the size of your new pet. The Syrian hamster can grow to a size of six inches. The Dwarf hamster and Roborovski are a fraction of the size of the Syrian hamster.

Let’s address the needs of the smaller animals first. Not only are these hamsters small as adults but their babies are really tiny. Therefore my first cautionary statement is to avoid wire hamster cages for the small varieties. They can literally crawl thought he bars of the cage or worse yet get stuck between the bars. A wire cage would be fine for a Syrian hamster and should be one of your first considerations. Syrians can climb the bars and this would provide a form of natural exercise. While no hamster cage can be too large their minimum cage size for the Syrians should be 15x15x12 inches. Cage size for a Dwarf or Robo can be a bit smaller. With any of the hamster types be sure to increase the cage size by about 50% for a second animal.

A wire hamster cage should be located away from any air drafts. Even though the cage provides good ventilation continuous air currents can cause health problems for your pet.

Another suitable type of cage for any size hamster would be nothing more than an ordinary aquarium. The glass allows you to view them and lets them see their world as well. Make sure a suitable cover is used to contain your animals and allow for adequate ventilation. Be careful not to place the cage in direct sunlight as the temperature inside the cage can rise to dangerous levels.

A third general type of cage is made of is made of a combination of clear and colored plastics. These are probably the most interesting cages of all due to the ability of plastics manufacturers to produce lots of different component shapes and colors. These large hamster cages can be multistory and can contain tubes leading to other little rooms and compartments. You can even buy expandable versions that that allow you to customize and even vary the cage layout About the only precaution that needs to be taken is with the Syrian hamster. His larger size can cause him to get stuck in the plastic tubes intended as walkways. Buy a cage with no tubes or tubes large enough to accommodate these larger fellows.


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