Dental Insurance For Seniors


Senior citizens have different types of dental insurance plans available to them. For many seniors, it is difficult to know where or how to obtain needed insurance after they have retired from their job. Many times seniors do not think about their insurance coverage ending upon their retirement as they may have had coverage for a long time and now have to purchase it themselves.

One of the largest carriers for dental insurance for seniors is American Association of Retired Persons, the American Association of Retired Persons. Many seniors belong to American Association of Retired Persons to obtain travel discounts and other health insurance discounts, so dental insurance is also offered to members. American Association of Retired Persons dental coverage is fairly new, only beginning in the year 2005. American Association of Retired Persons dental insurance for seniors provides not only dental insurance coverage but information on the need and importance to maintain good dental coverage as you age. However, to obtain dental insurance coverage through American Association of Retired Persons an individual must first become an American Association of Retired Persons member.

Other major dental insurance carriers such as Delta Dental offer some limited plans to today’s seniors. However, it is really important for seniors to check out each carrier to determine the best plan for them. Sometimes our seniors do not understand the entire insurance lingo out there and may need someone else to advocate on their behalf. It can be difficult to understand all the limitations and restrictions that may be in place on some insurance plans.

There are also unethical discount programs that advertise to senior citizens. These programs can promise coverage immediately, when the fine print on the bottom of the plan may state that there are caps in the amount the carrier will pay or waiting periods before full coverage kicks in. In addition, these discount plans may not cover all the basic dental care that everyone, regardless of age, will need throughout their lives.

Seniors may need dentures that may not be covered in some plans, or plans may dictate the amount that can be spent on dentures. If dentures are not fitted properly this can greatly impact the life of a senior.

Many seniors believe that traditional Medicare will pay for dental work. However traditional Medicare will not cover routine dental procedures, such as exams, x-rays or cleanings. Nor will they cover fillings. This is problematic because many seniors have had old fillings in place for a long time and they will need replaced. With that said, some of the new Medicare private plans may provide routine dental insurance coverage for seniors. Each individual who has coverage through one of these newer private Medicare plans must contact their provider to assure coverage and not assume that basic dental care is a covered expense.

Whatever route a senior takes to obtain dental coverage, it is very important that each senior have some type of routine coverage in place. Dental insurance for seniors cannot be understated in its importance. As we all age, our dental needs change along with our aging processes. Each senior needs to take action to obtain the best coverage for them.


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