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To stay healthy, people would resort to different kinds of things like planning a balanced diet, waking up early in the morning to take brisk walks or jog from their homes to the park, or even buying products which promise them the effects they’ve been waiting to happen for such a long time already. Little do they know that a single word can actually be the sole solution for bringing out a healthier individual in themselves.

If, for example, I would ask you about detoxification, I bet you would not be all that familiar with the term itself. Detoxification, or detoxing for short, is a physiological procedure used to remove or eliminate harmful substances like toxins, chemicals, and wastes from living organisms, and in your case, humans. It may sound simple, but it is in fact a diverse word. This article would be able to teach you how to detox your body in the most basic way there is.

Detoxing your body should begin with a 24-hour long fast, which is in itself self-explanatory. However, during fasting, it is unnecessary to deprive oneself of almost everything. Hence, it is still recommended that you take fluids, preferably hot water and fresh lemon juice to prevent dehydration.

After fasting, you should try to eat as much raw food as possible. Raw fruits and vegetables are the easiest to digest. Uncooked food is believed to enhance your body’s metabolism and even strengthen your immune system.

Another thing to put in mind is to try to buy the freshest produce as much as possible when going out to get some groceries as fresh food contain fewer toxins. It is also very much advisable to gently steam or stir fry your food for just a few minutes rather than boiling or cooking them longer than a few minutes as some of the nutrients can get stripped off.

To aid you in your detox mission, it would also be advisable to make an action plan or program in which the things to be done and the food to be included in your detox plan are all listed. This would not only help save time, but it would also help promote the discipline needed to have an effective detox experience. Start wrapping yourself up, and detox away to a healthier you!


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