Do Some Eye Doctors Recommend Eye Exercises?

by Lee Pham
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A lot has been written and published on the internet regarding the subject of eye exercises. This branch of alternative medicine is used to treat vision disorders naturally. It is based on the practice of a series of eye exercise techniques that are used to strengthen the eye muscles. When these simple techniques are done diligently, and on a regular basis, they improve the function of the visual system. You can also improve the focusing power of the eyes; a process that will enable you to achieve better natural vision without glasses. Even though this approach to vision correction is often controversial, there are people who have done the eye exercises and have successfully improved their vision naturally. These people have improved their vision to the extent that they do not have to rely on their glasses as much. Furthermore; in some cases, some people have even eliminated their glasses completely.

However, the traditional medical community sentences the evidence that these techniques are an effective vision correction alternative to glasses, contacts and laser surgery. Neverheless, regardless of the skepticism in the traditional optometric community, there is one fact that remains undeniable about this branch of natural vision correction. That fact is that some eye doctors actually recommend vision exercises for certain eye conditions that can not be treated with glasses, contacts and laser surgery. These vision training sessions are designed to correct vision conditions such as double vision. They are done under the supervision of a trained optometrist and actually yield successful results. Therefore, here are some situations wherey your eye doctor recommends vision exercises for certain eye conditions that can not be corrected by glasses or contacts. Also, here is some information as to how you can benefit from these techniques:

According to Web MD your eye doctor recommends vision exercises in cases where there is a lack of teamwork between both of your eyes. This can include vision problems associated with strabismus and lazy eye. Other eye conditions wheree these eye exercise techniques are recommended are Double vision and problems related to focusing while reading. Additionally, these techniques are recommended in cases whereby a person is suffering from an eye condition called convergence insufficiency (Theability of both eyes to focus inwardly while you are focusing on a close up object).

The types of eye exercises that your eye doctor will recommend will vary according to your age and your specific eye condition. Some eye movements involve alternating your focus back and forth from a near object to a distant object and the use of an eye patch on one particular eye that enables you to focus the other eye on various objects. Some eye care centers may be equipped with special video game equipment while you are required to move your eyes in different directions in order to build the strength of the eye muscles. Read more about these doctor recommended eye exercises in the following link: , 2017

These techniques can correct vision conditions such as double vision, lazy eye and strabismus and they provide the following eye health benefits: They improve the focusing ability of your eyes while reading.They build the strength of the eye muscles involved in the process of seeing therey improving vision. They also improve the flexibility of the eye muscles in the visual system that produces easier eye movements, improve the coordination, (teamwork of both eyes), and also stimulate the visual systems in the brain that are responsible for vision.


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