Dog Care Tips – 3 Major Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy



If you are looking to add a pet to your life, a dog is one of the best pets to consider. Not only do they become part of the family, they are devoted and loyal companions. They are always waiting for your return home, by letting you know how much they missed you. Regardless without you are happy or sad, a dog will always stay by your side and give you unconventional love. Keeping your dog healthy and happy is the best way to give back to your dog. Here are a few dog care tips that should always be priorit.

1. Always give your dog a healthy diet. This will provide your dog with energy, and help prevent obesity. It will also keep their coats shiny and healthy.

2. Always walk and exercise your dog. A dog needs to get out, move around and get fresh air. This will not just help them physically, but also emotionally. They need to be able to see other people and surroundings, to help prevent boredom.

3. Dogs need to be groomed and bathed. Depending on the breed and length of hair, some dogs require cutting and brushing. Bathing should be done occasionally, a few times a year, because if you over wash your dog, it can make their skin dry and become irritated.

Giving your dog good nutrition, exercise, good hygiene and lots of love, will help give your dog the best life possible. An online e-book can give you information that will help you in taking care of your dog and give you excellent dog care tips on how to keep them healthy.


Source by Santhana Chann

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