Dog Health Problems and Symptoms – How You Can Help


Many of the more common dog health problems are generally easy to spot on your dog. As a matter of fact, when you are doing a home health check up on your pet, it's really important that you are aware of some of the dog health issues that might be affecting your dog.

As strange as it sounds to say it, your dog can not really tell you why he is feeling bad (if he is). We all want to believe that our pets are super intelligent and can communicate to us if they are having a problem, but in truth, they can not.

They need us to watch out for their health. This is nowhere near as scary as it might sound, and is really a pretty easy thing to do. And very important for you to do so that you can talk to the vet if you find a problem.

Your checking your pet at home will never take the place of a visit to the vet, but you can be prepared when you do bring your dog in to the office. And fortunately, we have the internet to learn about some of the more common dog health concerns.

One of the things that affect dogs fairly frequently, and that you can easily spot during your check up are hot spots. These are small patches of irritated skin that your do may get on his elbows, knees or backside. They are not necessarily major things as they can be formed from small problems such as insect bites or allergic reactions or just a little nick or cut. But what happens is that your dog, in trying to take care of himself, keeps scratching and digging at the small area of ​​irritation, making it bigger and itchier.

What can happen then is that these open areas become bigger over time and can even become infected with bacteria. This can then become a major problem that the vet definitely has to deal with. There are a couple of things you can try at home if your dog develops these patches of irritated skin. One of the easiest is to simply take a teabag of black tea, make it a little bit moist and rub this over the affected part of your dog's skin. Many times, this will help help your dog's itching in a very short amount of time.


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