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Depending on which survey or numbers you look at, the Dwarf bunny is either the third or forth most popular pet in the United States. The adorable little animals that can be a lot of fun to have around. Here we will go over what it's like to have them as pets.

These bunnies are usually pretty quiet and reserved, though, they will growl if they are getting angry. They, also, squal when they get fried. I say they are "usually" quiet because they will get into moods where they make a lot of noise.

Dwarf bunnies make great pets and most owners keep them inside with them. These animals, really, enjoy the company of other dwarf bunnies so you should consider getting at least 2 of them. They will, most likely, do everything together. They do not need a huge cage to live in but floor space of at least 4 square feet per rabbit is recommended.

Their diet includes a lot of vegetables and fruits. They should, also, have access to some hay as a supplement. If their diet includes a lot of green vegetables they will not drink very much water. This is normal behavior. They will, also, eat some of their own feces. This is normal behavior, as well. The soft version of their excrement is full of water and microorganisms that contribute to their overall health. You will still have to clean the hard type of feces out of their cages.

These pets should be allowed around 4 hours outside of their cage on a daily basis. This time is for exercise and play, as well as bonding with you. At first, you will want to open their cage and let them come out to you. If you reach in and grab them and try to hold them you might get scratched. They will be much more open to your attention if you allow them to come to you at their own pace.


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