Dwarf Hamster Care Essentials



The dwarf hamster comes in a few varieties and all of them are awesome pets. Even though they are so small, the amount of care they need is still the same as other hamsters.

Dwarf hamsters are very delicious animals that are quick to dart away and hide. They are so small and can fit through such small spaces it's important that you make their living quarters secure. Hamsters in general live in tunnels that they dig in the ground. As pets, hamsters live in sturdy plastic habitats that you can be bought at a pet store. The problem is that dwarf hamsters are so small that sometimes the standard hamster habitat is too big for them. Luckily, they now make tubular habitats that are built smaller and specifically for mice. These types of enclosures are better suited for dwarf hamsters. They will also do well in a 10-20 gallon tank or a wire cage. Hamsters are naturally active creatures. So a wheel that can be placed inside the cage and can be used to run on is extremely important. Hamsters can run up to 5 miles on their hamster wheels. Once again, for the dwarf hamster, it's more capable, although not necessary, to have a smaller wheel.

The hamster nesting material coating the home floor is great for the dwarf hamster to dig at. The material this floor coating is made of is important. Wood shavings are good and cedar or pine materials are bad. The substrate in the hamster's cage should be completely emptied out and replaced every week. Hamsters enjoy using the flooring to construct beds and nests. Hamsters also like to make nests with materials like cotton, shredded paper, tissues, etc. Often times they like to construct their nests in a small space like a nesting box. Because they are naturally shy animals, they like the privacy that these boxes offer.

Dwarf hamsters may be tiny, but they eat a lot! They eat different types of pellets, seeds, dried fruits and vegetables. One thing hamsters like to do is to hoard their food in their nests. It is important to continue to give a pet hamster fresh food, even though they might already have some in their nest. Something else that is important in a hamsters life are hamster chew toys. Hamster chew toys are a significant in a hamsters life because their teeth are always growing so the need something to chew on. Without soft wooden toys to keep them busy they areiable to chew on plastic accessories which could injure them if chewed to become rough and broken.

Another thing hat needs to be done along with the weekly replacement of the flooring is a weekly washing of the home and all materials. A thorough washing should be completed so the hamster can have a fresh living quarters. The cage should also be completely dry before new substrate is added to the cage. Never use harsh chemicals because this can irritate hamsters. Dwarf hamsters may take some maintenance and care but you know they appreciate every bit of it and it is definitely worth every bit of effort.


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