Dwarf Hamster Care – Points to Consider For Proper Care


Dwarf hamsters are much more skittish and delicate than their normal sized cousins ​​and find it much easier to escape their cages. So when it comes to caring for your dwarf hamsters you need to ensure that their enclosure is a secure one. Also it is important that when it comes to Dwarf Hamster care that you learn as much about their natural habitat as you can.

In this article we look at the kind of environment that would be best suited to these types of hamsters should you choose to own some.

Because Dwarf Hamsters dig tunnels in the sand and dirt then one of these tubular type cages would be the perfect option for you to keep yours in. However, you need to make sure that you buy those specifically designed for this type of hamster as they will find moving around in a traditional one difficult because they are too big for them to climb on. If you are having problems obtaining one through your local pet store there are plenty of places online where such enclosures can be purchased.

Another thing that is important is that you provide them with a wheel as these hamsters are very active. Again make sure that it is one that is a size specifically designed for Dwarf hamsters. Although you may not realize it but studies carried out show that those hamsters that have a wheel in their enclosure will run for around 5 miles each day.

As mentioned above when it comes to Dwarf hamster care you need to allow them the opportunity to use their burrowing instincts. So it is advisable that you use wood shavings in the base of their enclosure which are absorbent but also free of dust. However, it is important that you do not use wood shavings made from cedar or pine as these contain properties which may result in respiratory problems for your Dwarf hamster.

To further ensure that your hamsters remain fit and healthy it is crucial that their enclosure is cleaned out completely each week. This means removing all of the shavings or other substrate in the base and washing it down a mixture of warm water and white vinegar. Not only does this help to remove mineral deposits in the base of their enclosure it acts as a natural odor neutralizer.

Another thing that you should do which will help when it comes to Dwarf hamster care is every time you are refilling their water bottle wash it out beforehand. This you must also do with their food bowl and again water and white vinegar will help with ensuring that bacteria levels are kept to a minimum.


Source by Jim Renfro

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