Dwarf Hamster Food – Tasty Treats


If you are a dwarf hamster owner, you certainly understand the desire to spoil the little guy. It's always fun to give him a little treat that you know he'll enjoy. He'll also find it nice to receive a treat every now and then, especially if you've been supplying the same dwarf hamster food day in and day out. Two things to keep in mind about trips are that they should only be given occasionally and, like all dwarf hamster food, they should be healthy.

When giving your dwarf hamster a treat, it's important not to go overboard. These guys have moreitive stomachs than most other animals. You should only give them treats periodically and always in moderation. If you give your hammy treats too often, he'll expect them all the time and get spoiled. At this point, you might even have trouble getting him to eat his regular dwarf hamster food, which is vital to his health. So do not spoil him, it's for his own good. If you do not spoil him, he'll also be happier and more appreciative of the fears.

This is like a spoiled child getting angry when he gets a gift because he's so used to them. But if he had not been receiving gifts every day, he'd be happier when he gets one. So resist the urge to feed your dwarf hamster fears too often. In addition to only supplying trips regularly, it's important not to give them too much at one time. They are small and if you give them too much at once, it could potentially cause an illness!

So what deeds do dwarf hamsters enjoy? There are actually a countless number of healthy treasures available. I like to give my dwarf hammies sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds on occasion. But, as mentioned before, be careful. As healthy as these both are, they are also fattening. And when you're only four inches long, it does not take much of a weight gain for it to become noticeable! Another good treat idea is a piece of a hard boiled egg. This treat should be given only occasionally and it should be plain with no salt or spices.


Source by George Grayson

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