Dwarf Hamster Food – What is on the Menu?



If you have never owned a dwarf hamster before then you are probably trying to determine what sort of food is best for them. In this article we look at the types of Dwarf hamster food you can offer your pet and those which you can not.

What Foods Are You Able To Provide Your Dwarf Hamster With?

When it comes to feeding these types of hamsters then providing them with a regular supply of leafy green vegetables will not do them any harm. However, you should not feed these to them every day but rather 2 or 3 times each week instead. In fact these will be perfectly okay for them as they do eat quite a bet of greenery when they live in the wild.

However, be aware that unless you have a Syrian Dwarf hamster one must never feed ones sweet sugary vegetables or fruit. The problem being other than the breed we mention all others have a genetic problem and may well suffer from diabetes. Therefore do not allow your hamsters to eat any apples, cherries, mangoes, melons, peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, corn, peas or carrots.

Although you may not believe it but as the owner of a dwarf hamster you can actually feed them some forms of meat. If you do intend to give them meat then stick with unseasoned beef, chicken or turkey.

Of course the best way of ensuring that your dwarf hamster is being fed properly and getting the right amounts of nutrients, minerals and vitamins is to use a specially devised product. There are many on the market today and these you can use along with offering some of the foods we mention above as deeds.

So What Kinds Of Foods Is It That One Should Never Feed To A Dwarf Hamster?

The types of foods that should never be given as hamster food include chocolate, raw potatoes, pork, citrus fruits, almonds, peanut butter, spices and seasonings. Also you should never allow your dwarf hamster to eat buttercup flowers, garlic or onions. The problem with all of these foods is that they contain toxins which can make your hamster very sick and may even kill them.

By keeping in mind what we have spoken about above when it comes to Dwarf hamster food then you are going to ensure that yours remains fit and healthy through its life. Also along with providing your hamster with the right sort of food make sure that they are provided with plenty of water.


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