Dwarf Hamster Illnesses



I know a lot of people who do not own hamsters will not believe what I say but, in my opinion dwarf hamsters are just like humans. I say this because … they get sick. They show all of the symptoms of human illnesses that we show. They sneeze, they hiccup. They're little nose even runs! How much more proof do you need? Well, in this article we are going to list some of the most common dwarf hamster illnesses, and what you can do to prevent them.

1. Diabetes – All hamsters have a genetic disposition to diabetes, (This is not just a human disease.) And they catch it the same way we catch it. Too many sweets! So to prevent this disease in your dwarf hamster, please do not give him too many sweets or fruit. Make sure that you include a good amount of vegetables in their diet.

2. Cancer – We all know what cancer is, and it is not just a human disease. Dwarf Hamsters get it too. What causes it? Who knows. We do not even know what causes some cancers in humans, but I bet living in a stressful environment is a factor. Try to make your hamsters environment as stress free as possible. That brings us to disease / illness number 3:

3. Stress – I would not call stress an illness. But it is one of the major contributing factors to diseases in humans and animals, including your dwarf hamster. As I stated above, try to have your hamster in a stress free environment. No loud noises. Do not put his cage near a blaring TV or stereo. Try to keep your barking dog away from the cage. Let your hamster sleep during the day. Make sure that the cage is cleaned at least once a week. All of these things will contribute to the life and longevity of your dwarf hamster.

I told you in the beginning that I believe dwarf hamsters are just like humans. If you look at the diseases that I have listed, then you'll see what I'm talking about. All of these diseases affect humans and hamsters alike, and they all can be prevented. Just like humans, if you provide your dwarf hamster with the proper diet, exercise and stress free environment, they can live long happy and healthy lives.


Source by Kenneth L. White

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