Dwarf Hamster Names and Training



So you've decided to name your new dwarf hamster Winnie the Pooh because you feel like he poops too much, what's next? Well, dwarf hamster names serve a variety of roles in the life of your hamster. Not only can you use his name to help tame him, but you can even train him to recognize his name and come to you when called by it.

Dwarf hamster names are a big part of taming your hamster. One main issue with taming your hamster is getting him comfortable with you. In addition to getting him comfortable with your smell, touch, and possibly sight (these guys can not see very well) you want him to be comfortable with your voice as well, and what better way to use his name while talking to him . By talking to your hamster often and using his name regularly, you will be enhancing the taming process and he will get used to you in no time.

Dwarf hamster names can also be used to train your hamster. In order to train your hamster to recognize his name and to come running when you use it, you will need a few tasty trips (healthy ones of course). Just hold the treat in his cage and simply say his name. When he runs over, give him the treat. Now you just need to do this regularly and soon you will be able to get him to run by without a treat, he will simply come running when you say his name.

For both of these techniques, the earlier you use them and the younger your dwarf hamster is, the better he will learn. Also, remember to be gentle with the little guy, whether you're taming him, or training him, be gentle and show him some love. This will help to create positive emotions in him when you're around and build the bond you have with the little guy.


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