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Anytime an individual wants to get a new dwarf hamster, it's important to get the perfect Dwarf Hamster Supplies. It takes careful planning to keep one of these little creatures around for a couple years, so you have to provide them with the best care possible.

Getting them a place to live is the first thing you should consider. There are many variations out there, but you should probably stick to aquarium tanks or plastic bubble cages. These will give them plenty of room to roam and you will not have to worry about them trying to escape a wire cage. If you purchase more than one you will need to get a cage that has enough room for all of them. One thing you will find is that dwarf hamsters enjoy a comfy sleeping area. This means you should provide them with the proper substrate. The best thing to do is provide them with around 2 inches of substrate on the floor. Sometimes they will begin pushing it into piles and shy away from the daytime. During the course of the week, pick a day to clean the cage. You will most likely see droppings, and sometimes you can eliminate this hassle by purchasing a "litter box" at the pet store. Well, it's not really a litter box, but it's similar and they could end up using it. Just make sure you fill it with the proper dwarf hamster supplies because those who do not subject their hamsters to digestive and respiratory issues.

They will always need chew toys as well. This is because their teeth never stop growing and this little toy will allow them to gnaw on it whenever needed so they can file down their teeth. If you do not have one in there and they're gnaw on the wrong thing it could end up injuring them and possibly being fatal. Plus, if their teeth grow to be too big they will not be able to close their mouth and will starve to death. The best options are those that are made of soft wood. We recommend checking them daily and make sure another one is not needed. It's possible that they will soil them every so often.

Then of course you always need to provide your dwarf hamster with a fresh water supply every single day. While bowls are fine, we recommend bottles instead because they can hang from the cage and you will not have to clean the substrate or food out of the bowl every day. If you do not they could get sick. It's easy with a plastic bottle as long as you do not find any leaks or cracks.

Normally during the day is when a dwarf hamster sleeps. It's one of the many reasons that they are not the best pets for children under the age of 12. During this time they will want to make a nest and when you purchase your dwarf hamster supplies, a nesting box may be a perfect choice. Then again, you could purchase a small little house, igloo, or castle to provide them with a dark and secluded area. What it comes down to is the dwarf hamster supplies you need are extremely limited. So there is not much work in making this happen.

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