Dwarf Hamster Supplies – What You Need For Your Hamster


Before one can own a dwarf hamster one needs to make sure that they have all the right equipment to care for their properly. In this article we take a look at the types of Dwarf Hamster supplies one needs to purchase before actually getting a hamster.

1. Enclosure – It is important that you provide an area that offers them lots of space to move around in. There are plenty of good quality dwarf hamster cages one can purchase either online or from a local pet store. However, some people have found that old aquarium works just as well.

The reason to go for something that is light and transparent is not only will you see the hamster moving around inside but it is easy to clean and can easily move around the home. If you do go for a transparent box or an aquarium in which to keep your dwarf hamster makes sure that it is well ventilated so putting a few holes in the side should suffice especially if there will be a lid on top. Also it is crucial that the enclosure is high enough to prevent your hamster from climbing out.

Another thing you need to do is ensure that you provide them with plenty of opportunities to keep them amused. So it is worth providing them with some cupboard tubes that they can play in and chew on as well as wheel for running on. You may find this hard to believe but a hamster can spend each day running on their wheel for a total of 5 miles.

2. Bedding – This is a very critical item that you need to purchase for your Dwarf hamster, but you need to be careful what you use. It is important that you use bedding that does not contain harmful substances as these could lead to health issues for your hamster. If you are going to be using wood shavings in your enclosure then avoid those made from pine or cedar the oils in these woods can lead to your Dwarf hamster suffering breathing problems.

Although you can use wood shavings paper is just as good. Brown paper bags are suitable same with corrugated boxes, but make sure that you do not allow any glued parts of these to get into your hamsters enclosure. If you are going to use any paper that has ink on it like newspaper then be aware that this can lead to health problems for your hamsters also.

As for nesting material for your pet you may find that unscented white tissue paper is the most cost effective option for you. However, when in pet stores you will see in their Dwarf hamster supplies section they have some fluffy material which can be used for bedding. But again you need to be aware this can cause health issues if they eat it.


Source by Jim Renfro

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