Dwarf Hamster Supplies – Why Are They A Must Have Your Little Fellows?



If you want to make sure that your little dwarf fellows live a happy and healthy life, it's essential to provide them all dwarf hamster supplies as much as possible. Since it is natural that hamsters are very active little critters these supplies will not only allow them to live a happy and healthy life. These things would also help them live safely.

Hamsters, though small as they are, can absolutely move swiftly. They love running and roaming around different places. Also, you can never underestimate their ability to escape as they can really fit through small spaces. Dwarf hamsters can often squeeze through some hamster cages. With these facts, it's very cruel that you provide them large enough housings that are escape-proof but easy to clean.

There are a few housing options available in the market these days. Cages, aquarium tanks and plastic habitats designed for hamsters are highly advisable for these little creatures. Substrates like aspen wood shavings, shredded tissue papers or toilet papers can also be included as they can definitely make your hamsters more satisfied. They all love to have a cozy nest for napping and they also have these burrowing instincts. These bedding will surely make them feel happy. In addition, you may also get some small nesting boxes so they can hide if they want to.

Other than housings, another hamster supply that hamster owners need to consider for their hamsters is their feeding supplies. A small, shallow but heavy bowl for food and a hanging bottle that has a stainless steel spout for water are ideal food containers for these little critters. These will help them avoid spilling their water and food items towards their bedding. As a result, you do not really need to do a lot of cleaning.

Feeding supplies also include food items and hamster trees. More often than not, nuts, vegetables, commercially made mixes are highly available for such dwarf hamsters. Just be certain that you do not give those unhealthy foods like onions, garlic, rhubarbs and other items that can be detrimental to your little pets. You may do a thorough research or ask your veterinarian's advice regarding healthy foods for your hamsters to make sure they're safe.

You should also not forget to purchase some chew toys for your dwarf hamsters. They are very important for your pets' health as their teeth do not stop growing. You do not want to see your little friends' mouths unable to close and starve to death because of that condition. Make sure you avoid those plastic toys as they can break into pieces and their edges could hurt your hamsters.

Litter boxes can also be used to potty train your pets. You may train them to use those litter boxes by pointing them to that direction. You may use small bits of hay or pelleted newspaper. Make sure you do not use cat litter as it can cause health problems to your dwarf hamsters.

Dwarf hamsters also need exercise equipments. Like humans, hamsters also need exercise to stay happy and healthy. You may purchase exercise wheels for your cute little pets as they certainly love to run. You can also include some tunnels and small rooms to their housings so they can have more fun. Be certain that you buy those hamster wheels that have solid surfaces and as much as possible, no cross supports for safe running. This type of wheels will certainly avoid them from catching their legs or necks towards the wheels that can really be dangerous.

These are the dwarf hamster supplies that you can provide to your little friends. They do not really require a lot of expensive things but you can give them a few things so they can live happy, healthy and safe. In the end, you and your dwarf hamsters will certainly enjoy each others company.


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