Dwarf Hamsters and Their Favorite Foods


Many Dwarf Hamsters owners often believe that these little creatures are like common household rodents and can therefore eat anything they want and still survive and thrive. This misconception has led to pets getting sick as a result of poor feeding knowledge on their owners' part.

The best way to get feeding advice for your pet is clearly through your local pet store. In fact, your neighborhood pet expert should be able to provide you with the basic staples that your hamsters need. As an added nutritional bonus and treat, these little critters really enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as bird seed. Another food type that make hamsters happy are live insects. Not only do they taste good (you can tell by the way they savor them), insects are also very nutritious and make up a large portion of their natural diet in the wild.

Unlike humans, dwarf hamsters are unable to discern what types of foods are good for them and will usually eat whatever is given to them. This is why it is very important to keep an eye on children when they are around your pets because children like feeding animals, and this could mean any food that they have in their hands or around the house at that point of time. Sweets are particularly bad for hamsters because they can choke your pets and the artificial ingredients are not natural to a hamster's digestive system. Bread is another common food item in the kitchen that is not ideal because of the yeast.

Beside food, a regular supply of clean water is integral for hamsters. Make sure the water source in your pets' housing is refreshed at least once a day, and that water is not provided in open jars (which prompts wetness). In fact, many experienced hamster owners like to include medication or vitamins to their pets' diets using water. What a neat trick!

So remember that dwarf hamsters need proper nutrition and with a little research, you can find out what kinds of food make your little ones happy and healthy.


Source by Sarah Bitman

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