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People all across the world like to have pets. In some cultures having pets is not considered good where in most of the cultures there is no such limiting parameter. On the other hand, people think that keeping pets especially when they have children growing up is good, as this could reduce the sense of responsibility in the young growing kids. Dogs, cats, birds are the most common pets that you could see around. Many people love to have dwarf hamsters as pets. They could have just one or more of these little creatures. They are very beautiful and furry with a small tail.

There are various kinds of dwarf hamsters, the most common once that could be seen around would be the Winter White hamster, Campbell's Dwarf hamster and the Roborovski hamster. All these dwarf hamsters belong to the genus Phodopus except for the Chinese hamster. It has a different genus but most of the time this is counted in the list for the reason that despite being from the different genus the Chinese hamster has astonishing similarities to the others.

If you have these dwarf hamsters as pets then you need to be careful around so many things or else these would hurt each other being in the same cage. Usually the once that belong to the same breed and share the same physical structure should be caged together. It does not mean that two different breed of hamsters can not be in one cage, but then you would hear a lot of interesting sounds and scuffling. But, you need not worry much as the nature of the hamsters is not such that this could get into some serious fight. This would just be a minor friction between the two to make a point that who is the better one and who is the boss.

In case you had a single draft hamster for a long time in the cage, it would grow to being alone in the cage and if you are willing to introduce another one to the same cage, the first one might not like it. When you do something like that, ensure that you have an eye on the cage as the first one in the cage may not let the new arrival in cage rest in peace. Secondly, if you have more than one dwarf hamster in a cage and due to some reason you are moving some to other or some like arrangements. Always make sure that you are putting the dwarf hamsters who have been together in a cage before in one, rather than introducing a hamster to a new group altogether. This would cut a lot of stress for you.

You need to be careful about putting the male and the female dwarf hamsters in different cages, unless you are promoting them. The hamsters are quite matured sexually and from an early age they can mate. If the two sexes are not caged differently, the hamster is sure to get pregnant.

Having dwarf hamsters as pet is fun but the above mentioned precautions should be taken care of while caging them.


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