Dwarf Hamsters – Small and Sociable Pets



Are you looking for a sociable but small pet? You are probably wondering about how sociable and how small we are talking about here. Dwarf hamsters are as sociable as regular hamster, they are not really afraid to be around you or other people for that matter. Taking the word 'dwarf', this means that it is probably very small.

Dwarf hamsters are about 4 to 10 cm depending on the type. There are four kinds of dwarf hamsters Campbell's or the Djungarians, Roborovskiis, Chinese and Winter Whites or more commonly called Siberians. These types of hamsters come from the genus Phodopus, except for the Chinese species. They belong to the genus Cricetulus or rat- like hamster. But this is still called a dwarf hamster. Their lifespan also varies from one and a half years up to three and a half years also depending on the species.

Although a dwarf hamster is a hamster at the end of the day, there are a few things to be considered when you would like to take in a dwarf hamster. Important things like home, toys and diets should be given utmost attention in order to make sure that your pets stay healthy and happy.

A home of a dwarf hamster is mostly composed of tunnels and some digging space. However, because of its size, a regular hamster home is not appropriate. It is more suitable to use mice homes. There are also some considerations for setting up homes of a dwarf hamster.

When setting of their homes, the foremost consideration is to make sure that the cage or plastic habitat does not have holes large enough for them to pass through. Another is to make sure that the home is like their natural habitat. A dwarf hamster would certainly appreciate the small tunnels in their homes since this is like the tunnels they dig in their natural habitats.

Toys for hamsters, not including their tunnels, are very important. The most common toys are running wheels and chewing or teeth toys. Running wheels should be appropriate for their bodies, while chewing toys are preventative things so that they would not just chew on their other things. Chewing on other things within the cage may actually harm them. Chewing toys are for their teeth. Most of the time, new teeth are growing out of a dwarf hamster.

Like any other being, a dwarf hamster has to eat. Their diet is an essential part of taking in a pet. Dried fruits and sometimes dried vegetables are healthy for them. They also feed on seeds and pellets. Remember that dwarf hamsters have fast metabolism, which is why they are able to eat so much. Aside from the food, make sure that they have fresh water supply.

Taking care of dwarf hamsters is also a responsibility; there are things that should be given some kind of attention especially to small to details. But then at the end of the day, the joy your hamster brings id worth the small effort.


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