Dwarf Hamsters Toys


Have you been considering getting your dwarf hamsters a toy that would have fun for them? Maybe wondering what type would be fun, appropriate and safe for them to play with? Since they are so tiny it would be best if you found toys that are specifically aimed towards their small size.

Dwarf hamsters are busy, lively and curious tiny animals and a toy would be a worthy asset for your pets overall life. Toys would stimulate and enrich your pets life by learning to play and investigate.

Consider adding ramps, tunnels, ladders and exercise wheels to provide entertainment for your pet. Dwarf hamsters are naturally gnawing creatures as their teeth are always growing. Since their front teeth are continuously growing, and need to be worn down to eat, it would be good to provide them with a safe rodent chew toy. Check out your local pet store for a sate chew toy designed with dwarf hamster in mind. If you select a wooden chew stick or block make sure it has no sharp or rough edges, as that could harm their inner mouth pouches. Remember that what toys you choose for your hamster, that they are going to be chewing on them. So it is a good idea to make sure that they are made out of non toxic or chemically treated materials.

Dwarf hamsters need a lot of exercise and one of the best toys for this is the running wheel. The wheel should have a solid floor and I do not recommend the wire running wheels. These can be dangerous because your little hamster could trap his leg in the rungs causing injury to himself. As well these wires could also injure their small feet.


Source by Kym Sutherland

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