Early Lupus Symptoms – Can You Recognise Them?



The number of lupus symptoms are many and varied. Some of them, however, you need to be aware of: this group of early lupus symptoms will start to present themselves before you have the slightest suspicion of the disease. It is likely that you will become aware of a state of what seems to be continuous tiredness, you may begin to notice rashes in places where you have never seen them before. Your kidneys may also begin to give you problems in extreme cases. The most common of the early lupus symptoms is fatigue. Around about 90% of those with lupus are affected with this. Although your lupus case might be very mild the amount of fatigue you feel could be enough to stop you taking part in your normal amount of exercise and other regular daily activities.

Another aspect of early lupus symptoms would have to be muscular discomfort and sensitive joints. Although less common than the fatigue this will still present itself to around 70% of lupus patients often as the initial symptom. This will commonly happen early in the day along with a little swelling, some warmth and redness may also be evident. The most likely place to feel this is in the wrists along with the minor joints such as elbows, hands, knees and ankles.

Also reasonably common in the early symptoms of lupus are rashes on the skin. These are actually a highly significant piece of evidence when lupus is being diagnosed. This may well take the form of a butterfly rash found over the nose and cheeks. Other signs would include red spots on the limbs and hands and also mouth or lip sores. In fact sores could be found on the skin in many places. The rashes are likely to take two different forms: a raised purple rash or it may be a red rash.

Other early lupus symptoms include an increased sensitivity to light which is likely to lead to a flare up of the skin rash. Issues such as depression and anxiety may be prevalent along with headaches. It is possible to experience heart problems. An inflammation of the heart sac can cause sudden discomfort and pain in your chest. There is an approximate 80% likelihood of fever. A loss of weight and indeed hair could be likely. Another possibility is to find that your lymph glands have swollen.

The sufferer may experience Raynauds phenomenon: a condition in which the arteries of the fingers become hyperreactive to the cold and go into a spasm. One final early lupus symptom may be Vasculitis where the blood vessels have inflamed which can present itself on the skin as blue spots.


Source by Alistair Harrison

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