Effects of Smoking – What Made You Light the First Cigarette in Your Life?


When it comes to smoking, everyone, smokers and nonsmokers alike, can come up with a long list of negative effects from potential health problems to second hand smoking. We have been preached about that all our lives in school and by the public advertising. But the number of smokers has not shown any signs of decrease.

If we understand what makes young kids smoke the first cigarette in their lives, we will be able to come up with better anti-smoking measures. The behavior of the people around kids and their role models is one of the most important fuses.

Like learning moon walk from Michael Jackson, kids tend to imitate the cool smoking moves that the players make on movies. At first, they may just make some moves without inhaling the smoke into the lung. But later, they will brave it out when someone point it out. That was how I got started. When it starts, it gets easier to increase the frequency of smoking.

Another direct cause for a nonsmoker to start smoking is the people around them. If the parents smoke, it is hard for the kids not to imitate and try. So it is strongly advised to quit smoking when you have kids.

Peers of the same age can act as a smoking fuse that is even quicker than the above mentioned ones. Let me take myself as an example. I did not light my first cigarette until the last semester in the university when some of my classmates began smoking and even sharing cigarettes.

The effects that smoking people have on others might not so obvious unless you do not look back at them. Now that you understand what effects smokers have had on you, why not stop yourself being one that might potentially produce other smokers?


Source by Emmerson Kennedy

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