Essential Tips For Controlling Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is a sexual condition that makes you ejaculate sooner than you want to. If you tend to ejaculate within two minutes of penetration, you may be suffering from premature ejaculation. This condition affects most men at some point in their lives and can be mild, moderate or severe in nature. If your sex life is being seriously affected by premature ejaculation, read on to know how you can treat this condition effectively.

Poor masturbation habits – Many cases of premature ejaculation are caused by poor masturbation habits. These include the habit of going into the shower and ‘rubbing it out’ within a few minutes. Many adolescents become adept at quick masturbation for fear of being caught in the act. This practice can persist into adulthood and bring you to a climax and subsequent ejaculate too quickly to satisfy you and your partner. Try and inculcate good masturbation habits to control or prevent premature ejaculation.

Use more lubrication – The friction caused by the thrusting movement of the penis helps to increase the arousal levels as well as the pleasurable sensations of sexual intercourse. It also results into quicker ejaculation. The tip is to use extra lubrication to decrease the sensitivity of the penis, so that there is less arousal and delayed ejaculation. The act will still feel great but won’t be as intense as before.

Wear a condom – Wearing a condom reduces the sensations that accompany penile penetration. This helps in controlling your arousal levels and keeps you going longer in bed. There are a number of specialty condoms on the market that have been designed to combat premature ejaculation.

Concentrate on your breathing – When you focus on your breathing, it distracts your mind from your sexual performance or other physical concerns. You will feel calmer and more in control of your ejaculation.

Practice meditation techniques – Once you have mastered focusing on your breathing, you can take it a step further and practice some meditative techniques on a regular basis. This will not only improve your sexual performance, it will also boost your overall health and well being.

Lower your partner’s threshold – One of the most unmistakable characteristics of premature ejaculation is that you consistently ejaculate much sooner than your partner would like you to. Your partner remains dissatisfied because of this and the condition has a serious negative impact on your relationship. An easy way to combat this is to increase the time you spend on foreplay so that your partner achieves a quick climax. This will make your premature ejaculation less unsatisfactory.

Control your mental arousal – If you suffer from premature ejaculation frequently, you probably get sexually aroused very quickly. And once you have reached the point of no return, you are unable to control or prevent your ejaculation. You need to prolong mental arousal as long as possible in order to delay ejaculation.

Take things slowly – Don’t rush things once you start having sex. Be patient. Start it gradually and let the excitement simmer for a while till the climax builds up. Your partner too will respond well if you take your time and this will help in controlling ejaculation.

Focus on your partner – Concentrate on satisfying your partner and stop thinking about your own performance or pleasure. This will distract your mind and help in prolonging ejaculation. It will also add to the intimacy of your relationship.

Maintain a positive frame of mind – Many cases of premature ejaculation arise due to performance anxiety. This creates a vicious circle and makes it difficult to resolve your condition. Practice visualizing positive things and remind yourself of the positive aspects of your relationship. This will enhance the overall pleasure of your sex life.


Source by Jessica Knowles

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