Facts About Common Types of Hamster Diseases


Despite the fact that there are several types of hamster diseases, there are some that are considered to be common and at the same time major especially if not avoided when they are still in their initial stages. I is imperative for owners to be very observant on their hamsters especially if they discover them behaving in a weird manner. To be able to come up with the best results, owners of these animals are advised to carry out their monitoring sessions when they are in their most active stage which is at dawn as well as dusk. This way, the owners will be bale to determine whether they are suffering from hamster diseases or not. Having said this, here are the common and major types of hamster diseases.


This is believed to be the single eye ailment that these animals can acquire. However, it does not affect the whole lot. The ailment simply affects the animals that are small sized commonly known as dwarfs. Hamster diseases are believed to very prone to these dwarf pets. However, for the larger ones, this ailment is not applicable. An animal that has been affected by this ailment tend to have watery pressure that has build up in their eyes. Eventually, this can result to blindness. While this is the case, the only remedy to this is to have the eye of the animal surgically removed permanently.


All these pets are very vulnerable to this ailment. Huge tumors are commonly brought about by this ailment and the only remedy to it is to remove the tumors surgically. However, in case an owner spots this early enough, necessary medical measures can be taken to ensure that the pet has fully recovered and ready to have a better quality of life. The symptoms to look for that will alert you that your pet is suffering from this ailment are; peculiar lumps appearing on testicles of the male pets, internal tumors on the ovaries of the females, neglected grooming as well as impulsive weight loss.


Just like in humans, these pets also suffer from diabetes. They mostly suffer from diabetes type one which is very common to humans. The only difference is that in these pets, it is spotted at an early stage when the pet is about seven or nine months old. In order to rule out that the pet is suffering from this ailment, there are symptoms to look out for which include; frequent urination, shaking due to cold and having a low blood pressure. In case the hamster is not taken to the vet immediately, it might fall into a coma and eventually die. So it is important to take it to the vet immediately you spot these symptoms.


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