Female Orgasms – The Ultimate Ten-Point Women’s Orgasm Checklist!

by Lee Pham


Women are capable of at least ten different orgasm events. Our group, with over 100 years of experience, has developed a ten-point checklist for women (and men) to see what is possible and how they’re doing. We’ll briefly discuss each of these events but only provide a small amount of technique. See our other articles for details.

1. C-spot. Since only 30% of women have climaxes, on average, that spot is probably the place where it occurs for most women. Some may say that it doesn’t matter what kind of a climax the woman has, or even if she doesn’t have one, as long as you has a good time. We heartily disagree. It’s like keeping someone under your basement, and not letting them see the outside world – but they’re happy as long as they get fed.

There’s much more available to women, sexually, and they should have the right and information to know what they want and how to get it. A wise man said, “they don’t know about what they don’t know.” You can’t say something is not of value until you have investigated and compared it.

2. G-spot. Until about 50 years ago, most western women had never heard of this mysterious erotic spot. Now, most women realize that they have one and recognize how fun it is to have it stimulated.

3. Vaginal. Again, only recently have researchers determined that women can have “u” spot or epicenter orgasms. According to most experts, it is located 8 inches inside of the woman, on the anterior or upper portion. Women have reported volcanic climaxes from proper stimulation of this spot.

4. Residual. If a woman is riding in he car, suddenly starts twitching, and convulsing – she might be having a residual climax. Most women that have these report that they get them a day or so after some long and intense sex.

5. Female Ejaculations. Aristotle taught about this technique almost 2,500 years ago. It is when the lady has an ejaculation of fluid from her vagina. This also comes after long and intense sex.

6. Intense. Some will say that any climax is good. But women that have had a very intense climax would invariably choose an intense and mind-blowing one.

7. Long. Women have reported being able to climax, one after another, all night or all day long. The question should be asked, “what makes them able to do that?”

8. Combination. If you combine the types of 1,2, or 3 together, you get 7 combinations. Women that have had the combinations, and in a specific order, have reported to us that they get types 4, 5, 6, and 7 above.

9. Breast Massage. We’ve given men assignments to massage and suck their lady’s breast to give her a huge orgasm and we’ve been gratified by the results. This really works.

10. No-Touch. Women can definitely have climaxes without the need for any touching – either that of themselves or their lover. This can be convenient, and very hot, and is something every woman should strive to get.

We’ve developed this checklist so that men and women can see what is possible. If you don’t know that there is a moon, you can’t strive to get there. Once you know that is there and possible to achieve, you can strive to get it.

Remember, a woman doesn’t want to go to the prom, she wants you to take her to the moon. Try these ten techniques and you’ll both be glad you did.


Source by Zeke Evans

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