Ferrets As Pets – How To Take Care Of Your Ferrets



Ferrets can exist for up to 10 years or sometimes more. This depends on how you to care of them so if you want to enjoy this friendship for the long term, it is best to read on further.

Caring for your ferret is important. Since ferrets have to eat, you have to give them food that is consisting of meat and poultry products that are rich in protein and low in fat. Like humans, they should not have things that are high in sugar and carbohydrates as they cause health risks. The same goes for food intended for other animals.

They should also have plenty of water. Without H2O your ferret is able to become dehydrated. Make sure you supply water for them, you may use a pet bowl or bottle for them.

Their cage needs to have enough space for them. An ideal size of cage would be 18 inches wide both ways and about 30 inches high. There are many types of cages you can get for your ferrets, some even have multi levels for them so they do not have to stay down on the lower level. Make sure the your ferret can not get out of their cage when you are not home.

Provide them with toys to play with. Make sure the toys can stand the ferrets sharp teeth, or the toy maybe swallowed. Exercising your ferret could consist of taking them out for a walk. There is special leads for ferrets that will help with this.

Pet ferrets should only be let out of the cage with proper supervision. Just like kids, you should ferret proof your home otherwise they'll chew things that are not supposed to and they'll try to escape.

Toilet training the ferret is recommended to avoid stained carpet. Litter boxes will help with this so your ferret knows where they go.

Always reward them when they do well. Teach them to do tricks using this same rewarding technique. You can train them to come back to you when they run of by using squeaky toys. Other tricks which are also taught to dogs are fetch, play dead or roll over.

Your ferrets should have check ups on a regular basis with the vet also. States that permit you to own one want to have it vaccinated once a year.

Caring for your ferrets will provide you with a lot of enjoyment for years to come. These tips will help you deal with your pet ferret. Who knows? You might want to get another one as other have because the more, the merrier.


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