Finding a Name for Your Pet Hamster


One of my favorite things about keeping pets is naming them. Naming a pet is fun because it creates a special bond between you and your pet, much like the bond between parents and a child. Finding a name for a hamster can be difficult sometimes because there are so many to choose from. You can, however, decide on what to call your hamster by selecting some criteria you'd like in its name.

Firstly, most people will choose their hamster's name based on gender. A male hamster can be given the usual boy's names such as Charles, William or Harry. A female hamster may be called like Diana or Elizabeth.

However, it can be boring to name your Hamsters after the British Royal Family, so you can also choose names from the movies such as Rambo, Neo and Simba. Your hamster's name can be from a movie or TV character, if you prefer. Of course, if you enjoy watching those Japanese hamster cartoons, you may decide to call them Hamtaro or Bijou instead.

Some people like to name their hamsters according to species. If your hamster is a Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster, you can probably call it Anastasia, Boris or something Russian-sounding. Chinese hamsters can be given Chinese actor's name such as Jackie Chan or Zhang Zi Yi. If you know the species of your hamster, you can name them according to where they originated from or where they were first found.

If you have more than one hamster, you may decide to name them according to their facial features, fur colors or distinctive markings so that you can recognize them. A golden-brown female hamster may be called Blondie or Sunshine. If it has long fur, you may call it something funny like Yeti. Some people like to name a whole group of hamsters by related names such as their favorite soccer players, Formula 1 drivers or characters from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

You may decide to postpone the naming of your hamster so that you can watch its behavior in its cage so that you can name it according to its hits or attitude. A hamster that likes to sleep can be called Dozey while a fast-running hamster can be names after a famous Olympic runner.

There are also cute-sounding names for hamsters that you can choose such as Hammie, Hamstee or just Ham. You can also choose some exotic sounding names like Tallula, Sheera or Yarl. It all depends on you.

Give your hamster a name that you love. Do not christen your hamster after someone you hate like an ex-boyfriend or someone you dislike. Try to name you hamster with a good name, one that does not sound rude or offensive as you might get embarrassed if the vet or neighbors ask you what it's called. The given name should be something that will strengthen the bond that you have between you and your pet.

Once you've chosen a name for your pet, do try to stick to it. Do not change your hamsters name every month because you will use its name to interact with it and changing its name often may confuse not only you but your pet. Call it regularly by its name so that your hamster becomes familiar with it.


Source by Lyna Murray

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